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Monday, November 28, 2005

sickness and stuff

Being sick really stinks; sometimes quite literally! I spent my Thanksgiving on the toilet. I finally felt better on Sat., but Eli and Sarah were still not feeling well. Anna is sick again (hers is more like a cold) - so life is not really fun around here right now.

In two weeks we will be in the home stretch of preparing for our move - and finishing my finals. We are so looking forward to moving! Money has been tight for us since I quit my job a while back, but it looks like we're going to make it. We already got the kids' Christmas presents, but Anna and I may have to hold off for each other until I start getting paid after we move.

Good news on the school-front: I'm almost done reading one of my books for a class! That leaves about 3 more books that I have to read.

(BTW, the pic above is not of me sick, it's of me wrestling with Eli last week.)

Well, that's it for me today; tomorrow's a busy day full of studying and classes, so I'll probably be back after a while.


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