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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

finally a little break!

Man, we've just been going and going since we've gotten here! This morning I had my weekly meeting with Pastor and we talked about how everything went Sunday and Monday. In short, everything went really well. We had 12 kids at youth group, not a whole lot, but it gave me the chance to get to know the ones that showed up a lot more than if everyone showed up who is on the roster.

I'm really impressed with some of the kids. Others have a ways to go, but we all have our own things to work on. It seemed like the kids that showed up Monday night were fairly dedicated. After all, they stuck with it when there was no youth pastor, so that shows some dedication! BTW, the interium youth leader is so awesome. I hope he and his wife can continue to be leaders, but I know that they're both really active in other ministries of the church as well; and he personally is a really busy guy! I've met with the other leaders and they all have said that they are willing to continue to do all the things that they are doing; which I am very grateful for!

So after my meeting with Pastor I did some things in the office and me and the fam. headed out towards one of the local malls (across the river). It was pretty cool and we were out pretty late, which probably wasn't the smartest thing to do since we're all still struggling with coughs and sore throats. And now it's like 12:30 and the kids are going to be up at around 6:45 (don't ask me why - maybe it's that we don't have curtains for their windows yet, only mini blinds), so I'm going to call it a night. Later.


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