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Saturday, December 17, 2005

new office

I finally got the chance to go to my new office and get a feel for how I want things. I rearranged the furniture so the desk, filing cabinets and book cases are all along the wall; that way, when students come in and hang out or want to talk, my desk isn't creating a barrier between me and them. I don't have enough book cases/shelves. One of the good things about Bible College is that they make you buy a lot of books. Even though I sold back some of them, I still have most of them for reference. I want to paint in there, but I still have to move a lot more stuff in, so it's not a major priority for me right now.

Tomorrow the church is having a soup and sandwich dinner for us to welcome us to the church as well as a food shower. That will be nice to get a chance to meet everyone.

I've been struggling with a sore throat, so I hope I can sing for worship; we'll see.


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