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Monday, December 26, 2005

post-Christmas update

Notice the paper all over the floor? Being the neat-freak that I am, it didn't bother me that the floor was covered in wrapping paper. It was actually a nice feeling; knowing that we could have so many presents for the kids. We got our presents before our move, so it was tight financially, but God provided.

We celebrated our Christmas on Saturday, because we had church at 10 am. We like to take it easy on Christmas morning and take time to enjoy our gifts.

Speaking of church, it went well. It was only an hour long, but it was nice to worship with everyone - and I didn't mess up! Everyone has been so welcoming of us this week (our first week). They love us like we've been there forever. They've been so generous; from the groceries to the financial gifts, we feel like we don't deserve it, but that's like God's love for us: we don't deserve it, but He freely gives it.

This is our church's alternative to TP-ing: flamingo-ing. They had a lock-in during our first night in the house (we didn't have to be there), but we got to meet the youth. Before they flamingoed our yard, they came to the door and caroled for us. They did a good job, but there were more at the lock-in than were there for our first night of youth group; I'll have to ask about that. :-)

We canceled youth for tonight since it's the day after Christmas, I hope everybody enjoys the extra time with family and enjoying their new gifts. I was actually kind of worried that people would show up tonight, or worse yet that the lady who drives the van would run the route, pick up kids and show up only to return them home and having wasted all that time.

We spent most of the day today hanging pictures in the house. We still have to paint, but having our own pictures up personalizes it for us until we get the gumption to start the painting process. Tomorrow we're planning on spending the day shopping and checking out any good after Christmas sales (I know that it will be two days after Christmas, but we couldn't go out today, so it's really just about spending time together as a family).

Here's a flyer for our first activity. I'll tell you how it goes afterwards.


Blogger JC Masterpiece said...

So, how did it go? Lori decided that she wanted to rent it last night, but we ended up seeing The Island, which we both really enjoyed. So we will probably see Napoleon tonight

January 01, 2006 8:17 AM

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